Sunday, February 19, 2012

Liebster Award

A very kind person nominated me for a Liebster Award this week, which basically means she liked reading my blog and wanted other people to know about it. This award works like a domino effect - you get the chance to nominate five other blogs that you, in turn like. I have picked five that I return to again and again, you know where there is a story unfolding that grabs you, or something that you gain every time you read. But unfortunately I can't do links! Here they are. - Story of a friend of mine who is metaphorically mid-Atlantic, crossing from UK to US and back again with her American partner. - well-known Mumsnetter blog, this, but still worth a mention if you haven't stumbled across it before. Full of good advice about emigrating too. A blog devoted to children's books. What more can I say? Don't read this if you want to see rural Scotland as a paradise. This blogger combats injustice and prejudice and heartbreak: and does it all in beautiful, glorious prose.

And my final one - that I can't post a link to, because it is a private one. But peeps, you know who you are: you know what good friends you are: and you know the blog's name and purpose, even if I can't put it here. (taps nose)


  1. Why thank you kindly! In receiving this award I'd like to thank My Husband, My Children, My Parents, My Cat...okay okay enough already (I'm being bundled off the stage by security guards, weeping drunkenly and clasping my award to my chest). I look forward to sharing the love.

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  3. Thanking you kindly! Very nice and rather flattering to be followed - almost as closely as I follow you. (Mutual cyber stalking is the best kind).