Thursday, January 19, 2012

1,200 hits in 10 days

I am astonished. Thank you for reading. I am very touched. I kind of wonder who you all are (and whether I should link you all to something more worthwhile to read, like the New York Times or a telephone directory): but seriously: thank you. The blog has been read across the world, in England and South Africa (of course), but also further afield, like United Arab Emirates, France and Canada.
Your interest has been a huge comfort in a foreign land. I feel I have an invisible army of friends marching into battle with me, as I grapple with the niceties of school and carers' allowances and kindergarten: ah yes, kindergarten. That has been a complete nightmare. Will describe at some future time. But for tonight, I just want to say, thanks.
It feels very fitting that in a blog about the search for support I have been so hugely supported by the broader internet community. Sometimes all we need is a listening ear, a sense that someone out there is interested and cares. I have had that 1,200 times in a few days. Whoever you are, please know how uplifting it has been me to receive your interest. Sometimes I have felt like a mountaineer trying to scale Everest without the right equipment. Checking this blog and seeing the readership level rise has been a daily dose of oxygen, giving me the energy for the next spurt.
And don't tell the boys, when they are cool teenagers desperate to impress their girlfriends, that I wrote this blog about their youth!
Thank you.

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